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Entrepreneurship can be a long and tough journey.  Over the years we have seen many of our whanau with the desire to alter their lives and the people and communities around them however there is a lack of support and opportunity to test their idea and really understand whether it will be a reality and so many never take the step.

We believe that in any business it is a journey.  A journey of discovery, surprises, new places and people.  There is always a beginning point, and a destination.  When you start you gather the tools, resources and people you need for the journey.   You will plot your course, make various pit stops along the way, some timed, others unexpected, stopping to re-fuel, gather further resources and move on.  During your journey you will stop reflect and look back on the path you took, on occasion you may take the scenic route, which may take longer but the path is more valuable and you learnt something you didn’t realise before.  At times you might find that the road has become steep and rocky and during other times you are gathering speed, everything is passing by so fast and you see the destination with clarity.  When you reach the destination you will take in and celebrate the environment you have created, you may choose to keep going, or decide that this journey has been the best ever and it’s time for another.


Ārewa supports the launching of new business and regional development impact ventures.  Our mission is to solve important problems that will advance both business and whanau in impactful new ways. Many will start with one simple idea and a compelling vision for what the future “could be”. They will turn roadblocks into avenues and hard questions into innovative solutions. They will not do it alone.  Ārewa will partner with individuals and community leaders to bring opportunity to launch the people who launch.

The Māori economy and asset base has grown significantly over the last 100 years. As such Māori and Iwi increasingly contribute and play a key role in New Zealand’s economy. Māori contribution to the New Zealand economy is multi-faceted and includes the primary sector, natural resources, small and medium enterprises and tourism.

Ārewa offers Project Management, Business Development and Māori Entrepreneurship Programmes.

To support founders we work in various spaces supporting capability development, visibility and resilience through:

  • Business Development programmes
  • Investment pipelines
  • Advisory Boards
  • Contract Management & Interim Services
  • Workshop and events such as Start-up Weekends
  • Maori Business Networks
Project Management

Project Management Services - have a major project, need to ensure it is finished on time and within budget?

Business Coaching

Business Coaching Services - do you need coaching in business development, finance, human resources?


Need to link leaner, or develop your minimal viable product?

Start-Up Programmes

Start-Up events and workshops

Capability Development

Need to build your internal capability?

Management Services

Supporting boards with temporary General Management services, interim support whilst you recruit your leadership.


  • Sustainable Whanau / Regional Economic development;
  • Assist Māori businesses to realise their economic potential;
  • A commitment to the development of the Māori economy;
  • Māori-specific engagement and service delivery
  • Achieve and contribute to regional economic development.
  • Knowledge transfer.
  • Contributing to national and international economic development


Through the delivery of our services we will instil and promote:

  • Whanaungatanga | Relationships
  • Whanonga | Inspiring
  • Ukaipotanga | Resilence
  • Rangatiratanga | Empowerment

Sacha MacDonald of Ngā Puhi, Ngati Ruanui, Ngā Ruahine and European decent has over 20 years experience in business management, human resources, capability development and accounting. Frequently called upon for organisational capability, recruitment and human capital development projects.

An entrepreneur herself, currently founder and co-founder of 3 separate businesses, Sacha utilises her years of experience managing businesses and teams to effectively deliver excellence. Her philosophy to business is to develop the people within the business, building their capability to be successful. She is passionate about Maori business and how this can transpire into developing individuals and the wider community around them.

Sacha MacDonald

Chan Collin of Ngai Tūhoe has worked in the Māori economic development space for the past decade. She held the co-position as Regional Business Partner on its inception in the Hawkes Bay region. Has lead and been advisor for a number of Mana Whenua Projects. She has supported 150+ SMEs, with business support and advocacy. Utilising partnerships between both Māori and non-Māori government agencies.
Chan's background in agribusiness co-owning and co-managing this business for the past 20 years sets her in steed to be able support Māori to develop their own business ideas. Ārewa works alongside whanau to realize their moemoea and supports regional development.

Chan Collin
Kaiwhakahaere Kaupapa Tangata